October 31, 2016 · Arduino Python

Tiny Dashboard (Mini Python + Arduino Project): Part 2 - The Hardware

This is Part 2 of my Arduino dashboard project where I try to display a PC's system utilization stats onto an LCD display via USB. On this part, we setup our hardware.

This is roughly based on the "Crystal Ball" project included in the Arduino Starter Kit Book that I have.

Here's what we need:

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. LCD Screen (I'm using an LCM1602C module)
  3. USB cable
  4. A breadboard
  5. Jump wires
  6. 220-ohm resistor
  7. (Optional) 10k potentiometer - to control screen contrast

Our layout

The LCD module has 16 pins in total. From left to right, with the LCD screen upright and facing towards us, here's how we hook it up to the Arduino:

  • Pin 1: To GND
  • Pin 2: VCC (+5V)
  • Pin 3: Either to the 3rd pin of a potentiometer or GND, if you don't want adjustable contrast
  • Pin 4: Arduino, digital pin 12
  • Pin 5: GND
  • Pin 6: Arduino, digital pin 11
  • Pin 7-10: None
  • Pin 11: Arduino, pin 5
  • Pin 12: Arduino, pin 4
  • Pin 13: Arduino, pin 3
  • Pin 14: Arduino, pin 2
  • Pin 15: 220-ohm resistor, connected to VCC (+5V)
  • Pin 16: GND

Here's some more reference photos:

Up next...

In the next part, we set up our Arduino code.

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